851 Ravens Point Court
Simi Valley, Ca 93065
(805) 581-0642

Print, fill out and mail to address above.

I hereby agree that I will sell UNCLE JED COUNTRY FOLK ART only at my established retail location(s) listed below and WILL NOT transship to any other store, business or residence.

Further, I understand that I will be held fully responsible for all UNCLE JED COUNTRY FOLK ART shipped to me should it appear for resale at any location other than those listed below.

It is also strongly suggested that all merchandise from UNCLE JED COUNTRY FOLK ART be sold at its full retail value.

I understand that I must have prior approval from UNCLE JED COUNTRY FOLK ART to sell their products in any new location(s).

UNCLE JED COUNTRY FOLK ART reserves the right to hold unshipped orders and/or discontinue our business relationship should any violation of this agreement occur at any time without question.

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