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Bayou Menu

Canvas Edition...18x24...Framed
950 S/N.....$895
100 A/P.....$995
Paper Edition..18x24...Unframed
950 S/N.....$200
100 A/P.....$300

The second of the Uncle Jed Country series depicts Jed and Duke fishing for their dinner. The viewer has to wonder who will be eating whom, pr perhaps this is Jed's friendly alligator, and the 'gator knows Jed will share his catch. Duke is casting a wary eye on the intruder. Even the egret in the tree is waiting for a handout. It is early morning and the sun hasn't come out full force, so there is an eerie light over the Bayou, a mystical place with birds calling out over the water. The little rowboat is an island for Jed and Duke to sit and enjoy this peaceful place at their doorstep.

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